Mayweather to apply for MMA license

08:47 | 20/3/18

Floyd Mayweather has confirmed that he will apply for an MMA license, raising the possibility of a rematch against Conor McGregor.

Miocic reigns supreme in heavyweight division

12:25 | 21/1/18

Stipe Miocic set a new record of three consecutive defences in the UFC heavyweight division when he beat Francis Ngannou over five rounds in Boston on the UFC 2...

McGregor's lightweight title in jeopardy

10:32 | 20/1/18

Conor McGregor looks set to be stripped of his UFC lightweight title belt, according to comments from Dana White.

UFC is like "The Jerry Springer show" right now, says Miocic

10:43 | 19/1/18

Heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic has described the UFC as like "The Jerry Springer Show" at present due to its soap-opera-like feuds among fighters.

White hoping for McGregor return to UFC in summer 2018

20:50 | 28/12/17

UFC president Dana White is hoping Conor McGregor will return to the octagon in summer 2018.