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PPV Terms & Conditions


These are the terms and conditions (the “PPV Conditions”) that apply if you want to purchase and view an Event offered on the Service by us on a pay per view basis (each as defined below). These PPV Conditions apply to Sky customers with a Sky set top box and to eir vision customers. Please take some time to read these terms and conditions as they provide important information about the service.

Please also read our Privacy Policy at It describes how we may use your personal information provided in connection with the pay per view Service. Eir will require some personal information from you in order for you to become an eir pay per view customer “and” in order for you to avail of eir pay per view events and to provide you with services. Your data will be collected, processed and stored in line with eir’s Privacy Policy. Payment details will be retained for a period of 5 years in order to facilitate you re-ordering events via your set top box. If you wish to remove your payment details at any time you can do so by contacting eir sport Customer Care on 1800 938 118.

Eir Vision customers will be required to contact eir sales to purchase additional events, customers contacting sales will be required to verify that they are the bill holder and maybe asked for account number, name address.

1.          Who we are:

‘eir’ “eir vision” and ‘eir sport’ are trading names of eircom Limited, incorporated in Jersey (Number 116389), registered as a Branch in Ireland (Number 907674), with an Irish registered Branch Office at 1 Heuston South Quarter, St. John’s Road, Dublin 08 A9RTAll rights reserved.

Contact Details

You can contact us at the following address or by telephone or email below:

eir Sport:


Call: 0818 271 401


eir Vision

Website: Vision.

2.         Definitions

The following terms shall have the following meanings in this Agreement:

“Agreement”– the legally binding contract between you and us forthe Service. The Agreement is made up of the following:

 - These PPV Conditions
- Our latest Privacy Policy (
- The latest version of any other applicable policy we tell you about
 - The eir vision terms and conditions for eir vision customers

 “Content”– the content we provide as part of the Service.

Event”– means a television programme or event offered to you by us on a pay-per-view basis within the Service.

pay-per-view”- is where you make a one-off Payment to view a scheduled Event for a defined period of time.

Payment”– the amount you must pay us for each Event that you order.

Platform”– means the compatible platforms on which you are able to view Events that you have purchased from us. Currently the only platforms that are compatible to access theService in the Territoryare (1) the eir vision set-top box for eir vision customers and (2) the Sky HD and Sky Q set-top boxes for Sky customers. 

Service”– means the BT Sport Box Office service available in the Territory provided by us to you.

Territory”– means Ireland.

Website”– means the eir Sport BT Sport Box Office webpage at: for Sky customers with a Sky set top box or for eir vision customers.

3.         General

a.   These are the PPV Conditions that apply if you want to purchase and view an Event offered by us on a pay per view basis via the Platform.

b.   The Service is not available to dual play eir residential fixed broadband customers Where you are an eir vision customer, these PPV Conditions are in addition to the eir vision terms https://www.eir. ie/termsandconditions. Please read all applicable terms and conditions carefully. Although some of the terms are the same or very similar, each service has important differences. 

c.   By signing up for the Service you are bound by the terms of this Agreement including any changes to it or the Service in accordance with this Agreement.

d.   The specific pay-per-view terms that are applicable at the time you purchase an Event from the Service will be available for you to view at 

e.   If you are a Sky customer, you have the right to cancel your purchase of an Event  and receive a full refund without giving a reason up to 5 hours before the start time of that Event over the phone or by email ( eir vision customers can cancel their purchase of an Event and receive a full refund without giving a reason up to 5 hours in advance of the scheduled Event broadcast commencing via eir customer chat service. 

f. Subject to paragraph 3e above, you acknowledge and agree that once an Event has commenced it cannot be cancelled and you therefore agree to waive any cancellation rights that you might have under European Communities (Protection of Consumers in Respect of Contracts Made by Means of Distance Communication) Regulations 2001 as amended or any other legislation.

4.         Registering to use the Service

a.   To view an Event from the Service you will need to register, and complete a purchase for the pay-per-view Event. 

For Sky customers with a Sky set top box to be eligible to register you must be:

     i.   a current subscriber under a Sky Digital Subscription Contract;

     ii.   18 years of age or older;

     iii.   have a residential address in theTerritory 

     iv.   an individual (not a company or business).

For eir vision customers to be eligible to register you must be:

     i.   a current eir Vision STB Customer;

     ii.   18 years of age or older;

     iii.   have a residential address in the Territory

     iv.   an individual (not a company or business).

b.   If you do not meet the above applicable criteria you should not access or use the eir sport or eir vision provided BT Sport Box OfficePlatform.

c.   For a Sky customer using a Sky set top box upon registration you will be required to provide information including (but not limited to) your email address, and you will also need to choose a valid password. It is advisable that the email address that you provide be a valid email address that you use and check regularly. 

eir Vision STB customers will be expected to approve their identity via supplying account information which may include - acc number, email address, name and postal address.

d.   Where you a Sky customer using a Sky set top box in order to purchase an Event after registration, you will be required to provide your payment details (including your address, your Sky viewing card number and your credit/debit card) and follow the instructions provided on the Website. Please note that your data may be processed by a third party supplier on behalf of eir in order to provision this Service. 

e.   You agree that you are fully liable and responsible for any access and activity on your account (including, without limitation, any unauthorised use) and that you’ll do everything you can to keep your account log in details, Payment pin and password private and prevent anyone else from using them. You must not disclose your password to any third party (whether directly or indirectly). 

f.   You should notify eir if you become aware of or suspect unauthorised use of a password or any other account details. You agree to tell us straight away and change your password, if you think or know that someone else knows your account log-in details and/or password.

5.         BT Sport Box Office Platforms

a.   A BT Sport Box Office Event can be accessed in two (2) different ways via the Platforms:

     i.   eir vision customers via an eir vision set top box; or

     ii.   Sky customers via a Sky HD or Sky Q set top box), each of which is described in more detail immediately below.

b.   eir Vision Customers: If you are an eir vision customer you can access and purchase a BT Sport Box Office Event via eir sales on 1800 519 519 or via eir online chat. All Payments will be charged to your next eir bill. The BT Sport Box Office Event channels on eir vision are channels 490 HD & 491 SD. BT Box office Events will not be available on the eir vision go app .

c.   Sky Customers: If you are a Sky customer, you can access an BT Sport Box OfficeEvent on your Sky HD or Sky Q Set Top Box by going to the Website. If you have previously purchased an Event through the Website and you have consented to eir storing your payment details for the purpose of enabling you to buy an Event via your Sky remote control, then you can buy using your Sky remote control on your Sky set top box. If you are not already registered with BT Sport Box Office, you can register and complete your purchase on the Website. You must register on the Website in the first instance before an Event can be purchased through your set top box. Once you have completed your purchase, we (or our suppliers) will authenticate your viewing card to view the Event you have purchased. The BT Sport Box Office Event channels on Sky are channels 490 HD & 491 SD. Please note, all of the terms and conditions which apply to your use of Sky’s services apply in relation to your access to a BT Sport Box Office Event when using the Sky Platform. BT Box office Events will not be available on the eir sport app.

6.         Payment

a.   The prices for the Eventwill be as stated on the Website or your set-top-box(as applicable depending on your route of purchase), and such prices include VAT and all other applicable taxes.

b.   Purchases for pay-per-view Events can be made by credit or debit card for a Sky customer with a Sky set top box or via charge to your bill for eir vision customers. 

c.   By entering credit/debit card details, you are confirming that you are the owner of the credit/debit card (i.e. that the card was issued in your name) or that you are authorised by the owner of the credit/debit card to make the purchase.

d.   If you make a purchase using a Sky set top box or an eir vision set top box, you are confirming that you have the account holder’s permission and are authorised by the account holder to make the purchase. 

e.   If you make a purchase using a eir vision set-top box, you will be charged for the Event within 30 days following the date of the Event.If you made a purchase via the Website your credit/debit card will be charged immediately where you are an eir sport customer with a Sky set top box. 

f.   Access to the Event begins at the advertised start time on the relevant BT Sport Box OfficePlatform(or any other time that we notify you of in accordance with this Agreement).

g.   You may cancel your purchase of that event up to 5 hours before the start time of that event over the phone or by email ( ). This cancellation method is only available if you are a Sky customer.

h.   If you have ordered through your Sky HD set-top box and you do not tune into the scheduled programme you will not be charged. However if you are a Sky Q customer, and have ordered through your Sky Q set-top box, unless you cancel before the start of the Event in accordance with paragraph 3.e above, you will be charged as all BT Sport Box Office Events are automatically recorded. In either case if you have ordered online, you will always be charged for the Event, even if you do not watch it.

i.   Events may be rescheduled, cancelled or withdrawn at any time. If an Event is rescheduled, cancelled or withdrawn we will advertise the change or cancellation by placing a notice on eir Vision customers will be notified online at and

j. The prices quoted for the BT Sport Box OfficeService on the Website or your set-top box (as applicable)constitute an offer of services and:

     i.   if you have made a purchase on our Website only when we send you an email confirmation will your purchase be final; or

     ii.   if you have made a purchase on your set-top box, only when we display the Event that you have purchased in the ‘planner’ of your electronic programme guide on Sky HD or Sky Q if you are a Sky customer or on the programme guide section if you are a eir Vision customer will your purchase be final, and only then will a binding contract exist between us and you for the provision of the Event which you have purchased. In addition, use of the Service by you shall also be unequivocal acceptance by you of the Agreement.

k.   If you have missed any payments you owe for eir Vision or to eir Sport, we can suspend provision of the Service without giving you notice. This does not affect our right to end the contract under this Agreement in accordance with these PPV Conditions.

7.         Intellectual Property Rights

a. Your use of the Service is protected by:

 - laws relating to intellectual property (including, without limitation, rights to plans, ideas, or other non-physical assets);
- the Agreement; and
 - any extra terms of use or end-user licence agreement applicable to the Service that you accept (if any) (for the avoidance of doubt, you won’t have to pay any additional charges under an end-user licence unless you've agreed to).

b.   We or our suppliers own, or hold a licence for, all copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights inthe Service. No rights in any Content are transferred by us or any other person to you, except where the Agreement explicitly states otherwise.

8.         Content available on the BT Sport Box office Platform

a.   You agree and accept that you can only retain and view any recorded BT Sport Box Office Content for 7 days following the date of the Event. Stopping, pausing or re-starting Content will not extend the time limits for viewing that Content.

b.   We reserve the right to remove and/or alter the Content available via thePlatform and/or the functionality of the website at any time and for any reason whatsoever.

c.   We will make reasonable efforts to keep the Website operational at all times. However we cannot guarantee that your use of Website will be uninterrupted or error-free. From time to time we may temporarily suspend or remove the Website for technical, maintenance or operational reasons.

9.         What you must not do

a.   You must not do, or allow anyone else to do, the following:

     i.   Save as explicitly permitted by applicable law or as part of the Service under this Agreement, make unauthorised or unlawful recordings of any Contentor copy, publish, rent out, reproduce, redistribute, relay, exploit, transmit, alter, interfere with or receive any payment in connection with the relevant software or any Content you watch, stream or download from the Service. 

     ii.   Reproduce any recording made using your set-top box or made from the Service.

     iii.   Distribute, broadcast or otherwise transfer any Content to another person in any way.

     iv.   Display any part of the service in retail, business or commercial premises or for any business purpose.

     v.   Sell, or charge anyone for watching or using, any part of the Service.

     vi.    Show any part ofthe Service to an audience in public, even if you don’t charge.

     vii.   Try to break any security or Content-protection rules relating to the Service, or compromise the security of the Content or any device used for viewing the Service.

     viii.   Edit, change, translate or create adaptations or other copies of any Content.

     ix.   Otherwise use any Contentor any part of it except how the Agreement says you can.

b.   You must not access Content provided as part of the Service on the same account on more than one set-top box, unless we have provided you with an extra set-top box to watch the Service in another room.

c.   We (or our suppliers) may disable or alter remotely certain functions of your set top box so as to prevent you from copying the Content and we may prevent you from receiving the Service if your set top box allows copying of any Content which we are bound by contract to prevent.

10.        Limitation of Liability

a.   If our negligence causes death or personal injury, we accept responsibility and there is no limit to our liability. We also accept responsibility for our fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation and for any other liability the law does not allow us to exclude or limit.

b.   We accept responsibility for loss of or damage to your personal property arising from our negligence, provided that our total aggregate liability for any such loss or damage shall be limited to a maximum of €5,000 in total for any one event or series of connected events arising in any 12-month period.

c.   Apart from responsibility we accept under clauses 11a and 11b, our total aggregate liability for any other loss or damage or any other matter arising under this Agreement shall be limited to a maximum of €1,000 in total in any 12-month period.

d.   Apart from responsibility we accept under clauses 10a and 10b, we’re not responsible to you for the following:

     i.   Any delay or failure caused by something beyond our reasonable control. This could be things such as lightning, flood, severe weather, fire, explosion, terrorist activities, epidemic, riots, war, anything done by a government or other public authority, or strikes or other industrial action.

     ii.   You breaking theAgreement.

     iii.   Any loss caused by you using the Service in a way that is in contravention of the Agreement.

     iv.   Any inconsequential or indirect loss.

     v.   Any loss or damage caused by malware (for example, viruses) or the unauthorised use ofthe Service on any of your devices.

     vi.   Any loss of, corruption of or release of data or information.

     vii.   You using any equipment or hardware we haven't supplied.

     viii.   Losses which we couldn’t reasonably have expected or considered when entering into the Agreement.

e.   We’re not responsible for the loss of anything you've recorded (or have scheduled to record) if:

 - you get your eir vision or Sky set-top box repaired;
- we ask you to return your eir vision set-top box to be replaced;
- we upgrade, update or replace any software on your eir vision set-top box; or
 - the recordings are automatically deleted, either to free up storage space on your set-top box or because the recordings have been on your set-top box for a long period of time.

We're not responsible under the Agreement if the Content is suspended, interrupted or not available to you because of problems with the internet connection or network coverage. 

11.         Promotions, advertising and links to other websites

a.   If you deal with advertisers on the Service, or participate in their promotions, we’re not responsible for any loss or damage of any kind that happens as a result of those dealings, or generally as a result of any third-party services available through the Service.

b.   The Website may link to other websites or content not owned or run by us. We're not responsible for the availability of or content on those sites.

12.        Changing the Agreement

We will not change or add to the terms of the Agreement for any Event after you have ordered it. If we want to make changes to the Agreement for future Events, we will tell you, for example by publishing the new terms of the Agreement on your set-top box or by sending you a separate notice in the manner set out in clause 14.

13.        How to get in touch with us and how we'll contact you

a. If you give a notice that is required under this Agreement, it must be in writing. We'll send you any written notice by email or by posting it to the address we have for you. We’ll assume you get letters in the post two working days after we send them. It's your responsibility to read the notices we send you. Certain notices may be given to you by posting this notice on the Website where this is permitted by law (for example, price changes for future Events or certain updates to these terms and conditions). 

b. If you’re a Sky TV customer and you’d like to talk to us about the Service you can phone us on 0818 20 30 40.  

c. If you’re an eir vision customer and you’d like to talk to us about the Service please see 

14.        Parental controls

a.         Some Content might not be suitable for children. You’re responsible for making sure Content is suitable for the people in your household.

15.        Sorting out complaints 

a.         From time to time you might need to contact us about a problem you're having with the Service. It is our wish to resolve any dispute, including any query which may relate to a refund, quickly and satisfactorily. 

eir Sport Customers - How To Make a Complaint?

You can contact eir Sport by calling us 0818 203040 (Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm) or by email to Details of our complaint handling policy can be found at

eir Vision Customers - How To Make a Complaint?

You can contact eir vision and find more information about the eir vision complaints process at

16.        Transferring the Agreement

The Agreement is only between you and us. You cannot transfer it to anyone else, or to try to do so. We can transfer some or all of our rights or obligations to another person firm or company if this transfer does not affect the Service in a negative way.

17.        Additional Terms

a.   Only you and we can take action under the Agreement. Nobody else can enforce it or benefit from it (except in line with clause 16).

b.   If any part of the Agreement cannot be enforced, the rest of it will still apply.

c.   We might record calls (including marketing calls) to record orders, to help us with training and/or to prevent identity fraud.

d.   This Agreement is governed by the laws of Ireland. As your address is in the Republic of Ireland any dispute can be dealt with by the courts in the Republic of Ireland. 

e.   BT Sport Box Office Events are subject to an additional charge and not available as part of the eir sport pack.

What’s in the eir sport pack?

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